Creator Tool

Fully Customizable Apartments

The owners of apartments will be free to use their space in any way they like and will be able to design, divide, and furnish it as they please. Whether as a residential space, learning center, or as a place of commerce... owners will have access to a marketplace filled with an array of in-world furnishings and accessories.
Additionally, these apartments will be used as individual gathering places for a variety of social activities. The development of friendships and a sense of community among residents will be facilitated by these interactions.
Apartment Creator Tool (Prototype)

Intuitive & User-Friendly Tools

One of the Metaverse's most user-friendly and entertaining building tools is being developed for the Apartment Creator Tool experience. This will be the all-in-one tool that residents use to personalize their apartment space.
The Ethereum Worlds Creator Tool will launch with 4 primary features:
  • Wall Placement
  • Item Placement
  • Textures & Surfaces
  • NFT Showcasing
Apartment Creator Tool (Prototype)
See the early version of Creator Tool in action on the Q3 VR Demo Video, found in the Experience section below.
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Wall Placement

The ability to select, configure, and place walls within an apartment to divide the space as desired by the owner. This engine will be based on a straightforward grid system, making it simple for creators to connect walls and come up with an assortment of different layouts.
Unity Engine Wall Placement Demo | Early Footage

Item Placement

The ability to browse, select, rotate, and place in-world items from an expansive catalog that will cater to all tastes. Almost every configurable item selected from the standard catalog will have variations in color and finishing material. This will give the creator a wide range of choice when designing their space.
Outside of the comprehensive standard catalog of configurable items, there will be an ever-evolving catalog of Collectibles. Collectibles are unique, scarce in supply, and are tokenized as NFTs. You can learn more in the dedicated section below.
Standard In-World Item Renders

Textures & Surfaces

The ability to select and choose from a variety of wall and floor textures, finishes, and colors within the apartment space.
Applying these colors and textures will be quick and fun. Residents will have a wide range to choose from within the standard selection, which can be placed square by square, achieving some unique and interesting designs.
Flooring Texture Renders

NFT Showcasing

The ability to select an NFT that is owned and/or has been created, and displayed on walls (or other showcasing objects). The Unity game engine will apply that 2D image onto a 3D layer, ensuring correct sizing requirements are met. Users will have the option of turning their entire apartment space into a NFT gallery.