Apartment Multiplier System

Multiplier System Mechanics

Outside of the inherent utility of owning and accessing a fully-customizable virtual Apartments, there are various incentivized mechanics within the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem that are currently under review and may be considered for implementation.
One such incentivized mechanic under consideration is the Apartment Multiplier System and would be exclusively available to Ethereum Towers Apartment NFT owners. The goal of this system would be to help fuel a peer-to-peer economy by providing Apartment NFT owners the ability to enhance their overall experience through multiplier activities, governance participation, and much more.

Global Base Incentive

The Apartment Multiplier System would potentially operate on a global base incentive, which would be the same for all participants. The base incentive would be applied equally to each eligible multiplier activity.
This value would be adjustable and may change according to internal and external factors, as well as future governance decisions.

Apartment Multipliers

Multiplier activities that directly involve Apartment NFTs would utilize the Apartment Multiplier System, which would apply supplemental floor and luxury multipliers to any global base incentives.
These multipliers would be determined by the type and quantity of Apartment(s) held by owners (i.e. floor and Apartment type). Each supplemental floor and luxury multiplier would be applied and added to the global base incentives separately. See example detailed below.
Floor Breakdown
Floor Multiplier
Luxury Multiplier Bonus
Floor #1
Floor #2 - #5
Floor #6 - #9
Floor #10 - #19
Floor #20 - #39
Floor #40 - #59
Floor #60 - #79
Floor #80 - #99
Floor #100 & #101
The multipliers detailed above may be applied to any denoted incentivized mechanics within the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem.
ATTENTION: The Apartment Multiplier System will not be accessible during the MVP launch. Instead, this mechanic will undergo exploration, be assessed for potential implementation, and is NOT guaranteed at this stage.
PLEASE READ: If implemented, the Apartment Multiplier system will only be available to holders in compliance with local regulations and guidelines set forth by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All holders must adhere to applicable laws and SEC regulations governing NFT staking activities.

Multiplier Activities

Currently, there are two possible incentivized mechanics that match this criteria. The Apartment NFT staking, and the future Engage-to-Earn (E2E) mechanic. Both of these mechanics are currently under review and may be considered for implementation. Read more about these activities below: