Market Opportunities

Our Research

After our Market Research concluded, we used the data collated to identify what (if any) Metaverse-related opportunities or challenges were present, and further narrowed those that were specific to Ethereum Worlds.

Challenges To Mass Metaverse Adoption

The concept of the Metaverse is evolving rapidly. The popular approach up until this point has been based on horizontal land package ownership within vast open areas. Even though this model would appeal to VR and gaming communities, there is a disconnect from non-gamers, businesses, and more mature audiences.
Furthermore, traditional models where parcels of land are situated on flat horizontal maps, could potentially lead to large tracks of barren digital land, inappropriate content black spots, and disparate communities. This may be off-putting for new Web3 explorers and those wishing to onboard their families and friends.

Metaverse Opportunities

Ethereum Worlds is creating a hybrid Metaverse, which brings together VR immersion in a curated realistic environment, with the intimacy of VR chat and the privacy of your in-world property. This fusion gives the user the ability to render their own unique environment, but at the same time have the option to leave and explore the surrounding landscape and experience the wider community.
Importantly, the user chooses their activities and how their virtual reality unfolds.
Ethereum Worlds plans to capitalize on the largely untapped market of consumers that wish to carry out activities and interactions that normally would take place via social media or video chat, but in a digital environment that is both real and fully immersive.
The Ethereum Worlds platform will form a 'bridge' between those social media apps used on phones, and laptops utilizing VR technology. It will enrich the experience and provide extra depth to interactions with other members visiting within the ecosystem.
“The metaverse will be the real world in the near future”
- Anuj Jasani