VR-First Methodology

Disruptive Technology

Although the Metaverse means different things to different people, Virtual Reality (VR) is, in our opinion, the pinnacle of what projects should strive for. We took this one step further by developing our Metaverse first for VR, rather than beginning with browser-based versions. We believe this gives us a first-mover edge over our competition and at the same time generates interest from Web3 enthusiasts and those interested in virtual property.

Immersive Experience

Being built with a VR-first methodology creates a much more immersive and engaging experience for its users. With virtual reality, you can transport yourself into another world and the experience can be so immersive, that it feels like you're really there. Virtual reality completely immerses you into the action!
The Meta Quest (Oculus) headset is our primary VR platform of choice for the first iteration of the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse. It's a next-level hardware that’s easy to set up and use.
With VR technology, you can immerse yourself in a virtual world and experience everything digital worlds have to offer. Whether you're hosting events, exploring new lands, or perusing the communal areas... VR brings digital reality to life. If you're looking for a more intense, realistic experience, VR will forever alter your perspective. Ready to jump into the Metaverse? Here's what you need to know about Ethereum Worlds VR development.
The Ethereum Worlds project employs Unity Developers - a world-class, Oculus-approved Unity development studio that ranks in the top 3% of their field and comes with a wealth of experience. Their clientele includes global mega brands such as Amazon, Honeywell, Delta Airlines and ExxonMobil. Unity Developers specializes in Game Development, VR, Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (XR) and WebGL for mobile/console, and have completed over 125 successful projects. They are home to some of the most skilled 2D and 3D designers available anywhere in the market with 65 plus years of combined industry experience.
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Our aim is to be at the forefront of technology, and in doing so, disrupt the current approach to Metaverse development for both developers and users alike.
NOTE: On top of the VR application release, there will also be an accompanying web browser application of the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse available to users who do not own a VR headset.
VR Reveal
The Towers represent an exciting centerpiece attraction in a constantly evolving landscape that will become home to thousands of Ethereum Worlds Metaverse users. As specialists in Unity software, we are extremely excited to take part in building this premium virtual construct. - Greg Lukosek, Lead Developer, Unity Developers