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Our Approach

Exclusive, Non-Gaming Metaverse

Our concept is simple; we are the exclusive non-gaming Metaverse.
We see considerable value in creating a 'softer' entry point into the Metaverse. Our product is designed for those that are seeking non-gamified experiences - those that may have less technical ability, but are still passionate about the future of virtual property and the power of the blockchain.
Our platform emphasizes all forms of social interaction. A platform that can give the average non-gamer an opportunity to craft their own Metaverse identity, transforming their physical real-world network into a digital one. We are providing a curated platform to educate, entertain, and socialize from the comfort of your own home.
This approach is also reflective in the mechanics we're building for Apartment owners. We are developing one of the Metaverse industry's most fun and intuitive creator tools. This means that no complex Software Development Kits (SDKs) or modeling experience is required. The user may begin creating experiences right out of the box. We believe the key to drive adoption (and more importantly retain that adoption), is to create a truly intuitive creator experience.
Additionally, we are building an item economy within the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem. We will provide Apartment owners with an evolving catalog of Digital Collectibles (NFTs) for designing and furnishing their apartments.
In-World Collectible NFTs
In conclusion, we are building our platform with the understanding that the Metaverse is a new way to consume a wide range of content that is set up to facilitate peer-to-peer interactions. Experiences are created by our users, while our industry-leading platform will facilitate and curate those experiences.
"The Metaverse is not just for gamers."
- Brandon, Ethereum Worlds, CPO