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Advisory Board

Our Advisors

Ethereum Worlds has onboarded a variety of advisory board members that are leaders in their respective fields:
Ethereum Worlds Advisory board

Dominic Ryder, CEO of vEmpire

Dominic is responsible for vEmpire’s meteoric rise in the second half of 2021, with their venture having $35M+ in assets locked, released their first P2E game, developed their own staking platform (and token, $VEMP), featured on the official Sandbox comms channel and much more. After beginning his career in the world of stockbroking, Dominic quickly advanced from a junior broker at nineteen to a Senior Derivatives Trader & Head of Desk. Dominic’s career eventually took him through wealth management, as a partner at St James’s Place, and eventually, he found his true passion in venture capital. The original rebellious nature and reasoning for decentralization ignited a passion that eventually created vEmpire DDAO.
Dominic holds a handful of advisory positions for other exciting blockchain/metaverse ventures, with his latest role with Plethori ( recently announced. In addition, he was invited to be part of MEXC’s pioneer board (, alongside noteworthy figures from ventures such as; Gala Games, Avalaunch, Star Atlas, Trustverse and more.
Dominic Ryder Joins Advisory Board

Kyle Chasse, Founder of Master Ventures, CEO of Paid Network

Kyle Chasse is one of the top 50 most influential people in crypto. As an early Bitcoin evangelist, he has 10+ years in Blockchain. Kyle built the first Bitcoin lottery in 2014 and was the COO of Credits, a Baas company. As a crypto advisor he has advised many Binance-listed projects on tokenomics, product dev., bizdev, and fundraising. He was an early investor in Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Thorchain, and Elrond among others. Today, Kyle is the CEO of Paid Network (Owners of the Ignition platform) and manages over 65 employees at Master Ventures. Master Ventures is responsible for over 100+ token generation events and has grown to be one of the top 20 crypto investment banks/ VCs in the industry.
Kyle Chasse, Investor & Advisor

Steven DiSarro, CEO of DM Funding, CIO for Dhruv Mgmt

Steven DiSarro has been in the finance and commercial banking industries for over 20 years. Currently, Steve is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Dhruv Development and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for DM Funding (hard money lender). As CIO for Dhruv Management, Steve identifies and evaluates potential investments, manages the closing process, and monitors the portfolio of investments under management. As CEO of DM Funding, Steve manages all aspects of the company including deal sourcing, underwriting, closing, portfolio management, and investor relations.
Before joining Dhruv Management, Steve spent 17 years working in the commercial banking division of several banks in Florida. Primarily as a commercial lending officer, but also served as credit analyst, credit underwriting manager, risk management officer, and chief credit officer. Prior to that, Steve worked as a Customer Profitability Analyst and Expense Analyst in the personal computer division at IBM.
Steve earned his undergraduate degree in finance from Western Connecticut State University and has completed the RMA School of Commercial Banking and Moody’s formal credit training curriculum. Steve has also completed and taught a wide variety of commercial lending, underwriting, and management courses.
Steven DiSarro Joins Advisory Board

Timo Bauer, CEO of Litpic

Investor and entrepreneur, Timo started his career in the late 90’s in Management & Technology consultancy. He focused primarily on mobile communications, where he managed projects and customers across Europe and the United States. After moving to the US he joined several start-ups in their early stages and successfully developed and executed end-to-end sales and product strategies.
One of his latest and most notable roles was Executive Vice President of Business Development for Xevo, Inc. During this time, he was instrumental in helping them integrate into American automotive parts manufacturer, Lear Corporation. At present he is advising and helping select start-ups. He is also Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for social media challenger app; Litpic.
Timo Bauer Joins Advisory Board

Ken & Lukas, DuckDAO Founders

Ken & Lukas are the founders of DuckDAO, one of the first decentralized VC DAOs, creating the quintessential fundraising archetype.
They've helped thousands of projects hit the ground running, supporting them from the earliest moments with actionable advice and connections, to late-stage implementation and tactics for their go-to-market strategy.
Their community accounts for thousands of active cryptocurrency investors, enthusiasts, and marketers.