Core Team

Our Team

Ethereum Worlds has brought together a wealth of knowledge and experience from around the globe to form its Core Team. With a combined expertise spanning many decades, each member brings a unique set of skills, hand-picked for their strengths in their chosen discipline. While located across the world, each works hand-in-hand to deliver on our overall mission and its accompanying milestones.
Ethereum Worlds Executive & Senior Team Members

Executive Members

Jason - Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jason is the founder and CEO of Ethereum Worlds Limited. For over two decades, Jason has provided robust software solutions for a variety of industries and Fortune 500 companies. Having begun his foray into NFTs in March of 2021, Jason capitalized on his 20+ years of software development experience by launching the Ethereum Towers Metaverse project in September of that same year. Now his focus lies with blockchain technology with an emphasis on social connectivity within the digital space.
Shane - Chief Operations Officer
Shane is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Ethereum Worlds Limited. His responsibilities are with collaborations, partnerships, and community development. He has been a professional software account manager for the past 11 years. Some of the high-profile clients he has worked with include NASA, the US Chamber of Commerce, and many more. His passion for crypto and NFTs has led him to Ethereum Towers where he is hoping to leave an everlasting positive mark in the digital world.
Kim - Chief Financial Officer
An accomplished Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with a successful track record in leading finance teams across various industries, Kim has demonstrated her ability to drive revenue expansion and margin growth in both startups and Fortune 100 companies. With experience in strategy, planning, pricing, and more, Kim has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of finance. She is a certified Six Sigma professional and has a proven track record of partnering with executives and regulatory bodies to drive operational excellence.
Kim's leadership has been recognized with several awards, including the YWCA Woman of the Year. She is known for her passion for collaborative leadership and developing high-performing teams. Her expertise in working with fintech, crypto, blockchain, and NFT companies makes her a sought-after strategic partner for businesses seeking to achieve higher levels of financial performance.
Greg - Chief Technology & Product Officer
Greg holds the position of Chief Technology & Product Officer (CTPO) at Ethereum Worlds Limited. With an experience spanning over a decade in Unity development, he brings a wealth of valuable expertise to the executive team. Furthermore, his authored books on the subject have earned him significant recognition throughout the industry.
He has an impressive track record of developing cross-platform games that have captivated the imagination of gamers worldwide. His profound familiarity with Ethereum Worlds' product, coupled with his unparalleled Unity development skills, is expected to result in the effective enhancement of communication and the development of solutions for our Metaverse and ecosystem.
Scott "Boomer" - Director of Customer Experience
As an esteemed member of the Ethereum Worlds Limited team, Scott serves as the Director of Customer Experience (DCE) and brings with him over three decades of extensive community service experience. He has served with distinction in the Volunteer Fire Department for 30 years, including 12 years as chief, where he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of his community, while also actively engaging with locals and overseeing numerous large-scale events.
Scott's notable entrepreneurial background is equally impressive, having successfully established and sold four businesses, while presently owning a thriving control, automation, and smart home enterprise. His academic accomplishments in psychology and mathematics also attest to his innovative problem-solving approach, which is an invaluable asset to the Ethereum Worlds Limited team.
With his unparalleled adaptability and forward-thinking mindset, Scott is a valuable contributor to community development and partnerships. His selfless service and entrepreneurial endeavors exemplify his continued commitment to making a lasting impact in his community and beyond.