Community Focus

Innovative 'Meta Society'

Ethereum Worlds is a hybrid between a virtual destination and a social platform. An ecosystem that will benefit from the inclusion of numerous communities with varying levels of knowledge, experience, interests, and goals.
Our key driver is to create a space that facilitates the fusing together of an array of thought leaders, talented artists, and skill-driven individuals that can become the foundation for a welcoming, creative, and innovative 'meta society'. A place where everyone is welcome to make positive contributions.

Centers of Excellence (CoE)

We wish to be known as a place of creativity and learning, seeking collaborations with those individuals and projects which underscore those community-building hallmarks. To that end, Ethereum Worlds has implemented a collaborative initiative where we seek to partner with celebrated Thought Leaders and Artists within the wider NFT space, bringing old and new communities together to create authentic relationships and interactions within the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse.
The Center of Excellence for Art is a floor within Ethereum Towers which will feature Artists in Residence who are harnessing the power of Web3 to break boundaries and bring their art to a global audience. Each Artist in Residence will have an Apartment on the 88th floor of Tower #1 which can be used for things such as collaborative art experiences, gallery nights, performance spaces, and much more.
Whereas the Center of Excellence for Community is a floor that will feature Thought Leaders within the Web3 space. These are people who have been identified as innovators, mentors, community builders, developers, security experts, and so much more. Each Thought Leader will have an Apartment on the 95th floor of Tower #1 which can be used for such things as educational events, AMAs, collaborative learning sessions, meeting rooms, and support platforms.
Both Centers of Excellence will host public and private events to create unique user experiences for existing community members as well as visitors to Ethereum Worlds Metaverse.
August 2022 Lineup
September 2022 Lineup
October 2022 Lineup

Equality, Diversity, And Inclusivity

One of the initial goals of Ethereum Towers was to build a socially-based Metaverse platform that emulates apartment-style living and which was built on three community pillars - equality, diversity, and inclusivity. Our hallmark to date has been as an organically-grown, community-focused project that originated as a free mint. Now, approaching our 2nd anniversary, we will continue to strive to be the leading collaborative space in the industry. As such, we've worked diligently to welcome a steady stream of new and unique Apartment holders. This has been done in order to create a more rich and collaborative social experience, while also continuing to build upon our existing community foundation.
Community is at the heart of everything that the Ethereum Worlds team is building. Creating an environment which fosters and supports its community; an environment which also helps the individual to grow and thrive. A platform for individuals to learn, share, and grow together, to help expand our individual knowledge and experiences. The team will continue to achieve this through partnerships and collaborations, to further establish itself as the 'Social Hub' for the wider digital landscape.
Ethereum Towers Community Collaborations
"We’re working hard to build a genuine, grass-roots community where 'community-first' is more than just a trendy catch phrase." - Emma, Ethereum Towers, Culture & Events Director