Utility & Purpose

Token Utility

In order for the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem economy to function, as well as add value to our NFT holders, we have made the decision to add utility and governance mechanisms through our native token.
ATTENTION: Some of the mechanics listed below will not be available on MVP launch, instead introduced in 2023 & beyond in accordance to the roadmap.

Collectibles (NFTs)

Collectible items will be much more unique and desirable than standard catalog items, which will be available to all Apartment owners. In contrast to standard catalog items, Collectibles will be tokenized as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain and will represent either a single item or a bundle of items. Initially, these tradeable Collectibles will only be available through use of the native token.

Apartments & Future Land (NFTs)

Certain Apartment NFTs will be available at an exclusive rate using the native token. Additionally, future expansions of virtual structures and land will be also powered by the native token.
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Club System

The Ethereum Towers Club System will enable individuals to create invite-only Clubs and onboard other users, forming an exclusive sub-community. Virtual Apartment spaces will have the option to be accessible at Club-level only, creating a dedicated platform for members to gather in one shared location. The creation and management of Clubs will be powered by the native token.

Apartment Rental System

The future Ethereum Towers Apartment Rental System will provide a lower barrier of entry for non-residents enabling them to participate in the environment as if they were an existing Apartment owner. The 'rental economy' will be exclusively powered by the native token.
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Hosting System

The future Ethereum Towers Apartment Hosting System will provide an opportunity to Apartment owners to create premium experiences within their unique space. The fees to access these experiences will be exclusively powered by the native token.
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Sponsorship & Advertising

Commercial opportunities, sponsorships, and advertisements will be available throughout the Ethereum Towers and Ethereum Worlds Metaverse using the native utility token. A portion of fees generated through these sponsorship and advertising opportunities will be dedicated to the maintenance and growth of the wider ecosystem.


Governance will be a feature in the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem which will enable community members to vote and execute important community and project-related decisions that will impact the growing ecosystem. When required, execution of these community decisions will come with the added support of the Ethereum Worlds team. The $TWR token balance on the Ethereum Blockchain can potentially be the basis for a weighted voting system.
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