Ethereum Towers

Genesis Project

Ethereum Towers is the genesis project of the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse. As our first virtual destination, Ethereum Towers will serve as the epicenter and the main attraction to everything that we are building. As a result, early adopters will have a front row seat to the evolution and development of this exciting new Metaverse protocol.
Ethereum Towers NFT Access Cards

First Virtual Destination

Ethereum Towers is our first virtual destination, the first deliverable in a much larger Ethereum Worlds ecosystem. Starting out as a free-to-mint project, Ethereum Towers is a community-focused social platform consisting of 4,388 highly customizable resident-owned Apartments. It will also consist of a variety of interconnected communal spaces and commercial areas, set in the forthcoming Ethereum Worlds Metaverse.
Designed by award-winning architects, these state of the art Towers will be the flagship residence in an expansive Metaverse development that will provide an evolving, exciting, and socially dynamic experience for residents and visitors alike. We have placed a high priority on working with other projects in an effort to cross-pollinate our communities, essentially creating a centralized "Community Hub" for the wider Metaverse landscape. A hub for those looking to expand social networks or establish an online presence.
Ethereum Worlds is positioned as the premier community-focused Metaverse platform. A platform that shares many characteristics of other popular Metaverse protocols with characteristics that have been adapted and tailored for a much wider market segment.
The objective is to bring people and organizations together in an immersive, user-friendly, social environment helping to facilitate a wide range of real-world experiences.
The implementation of the Ethereum Towers in-world experience will be the first milestone of a considerably broader Metaverse development, titled Ethereum Worlds. In the future, we plan to introduce the 'Outer Worlds', which will contain other resident-owned structures and settlements.
Ethereum Towers Artist Render
“The Metaverse is here, and it’s not only transforming how we see the world but how we participate in it – from the factory floor to the meeting room.” - Satya Nadella, Microsoft, CEO