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The Ethereum Worlds Metaverse project is backed by a variety of high quality strategic investors and blockchain industry veterans, as shown below:
Ethereum Worlds Strategic Investors

SevenX Ventures

SevenX Ventures, an Asia-based blockchain fund, recently announced that they had raised $30 million in the second phase of their fund. This development came on August 16 when SevenX was able to add LPs from the likes of family offices, hedge funds, blockchain industry veterans, and internet companies to their list. The firms said they would be moving towards Venture Fund II which will specifically focus on DeFi, NFT, WEB3.0, Polkadot ecosystem, NEAR ecosystem, and the new ecology of the data storage paradigm represented by Arweave.
Needless to say, since its inception in 2020, crypto investment firm SevenX has directed these investments towards the benefits of several companies including DODO, YGG, and Acala, among others. With the help of funding coming from SevenX Ventures, these companies have seen immense growth. In their very first year, SevenX's first phase of funding saw a 20-fold increase, breaking a new record.
SevenX looks for long-term value projects that can make the real world better using a long-term development mindset and underlying logic perspective.
SevenX Ventures (External Link)

Master Ventures

Master Ventures is a prominent blockchain VC and incubator. They exclusively invest in innovative crypto and Metaverse start-ups in order to drive adoption of blockchain technology. They nurture visionary ideas, exceptional talent, and combine this with investment capital to build the next generation of world-changing companies. Master Ventures is responsible for over 100 token generation events and is one of the top 20 crypto investment banks/ VCs in the industry.
Ethereum Towers x Master Ventures


DuckDAO is a decentralized incubator that helps projects achieve their potential by leveraging their community for both investment and promotional purposes. Their aim is to open up early access to investment opportunities that were previously unavailable to regular investors, leading to a reduced chance of potential ‘pump and dump’ activities on launch. This in turn helps the startups as they get access to organic investors and nurture long term support.
They also have a launchpad offering called Duckstarter, which is a pre-launch bridge between the early stage project and community before it goes public. It gives an opportunity for regular investors to gain access to lists of refundable IDOs and the projects to garner early support.
DuckDAO are crypto veterans and bring with them a wealth of experience, sharing expertise and insights. They have over 100 projects in their portfolio and we are proud to join this growing community.
Ethereum Towers x DuckDAO


Cointelligence creates tools for individuals and organizations to better engage with the crypto industry. This includes the educational platform Cointelligence Academy, and unbiased market surveillance tools such as the Exchange Rating System. Cointelligence also caters to companies who have specific blockchain or cryptocurrency research needs on topics such as assets, service providers, and exchanges.
Their mission is to open the blockchain and crypto industry to the masses and lead an open, transparent and fair trade.

Cogitent Ventures

More details coming soon
Ethereum Towers x Cogitent Ventures

DeltaHub Capital

DeltaHub Capital is a community led, Defi investment company that specializes in supporting web3.0 and blockchain organizations.
Their business model revolves around two tokens for community and governance decisions, which helps to regulate their economy and ecosystem. They bring together different communities for different purposes around the crypto space including entrepreneurs, token investors and developers. As part of their investment, they connect founders of projects together for networking purposes via their ‘Web3 Founders Club’, which we have already been onboarded to, connecting us to over 130 members in their Telegram group.
Ethereum Towers x DeltaHub Capital

ItsBlockchain (IBC)

As an early stage venture fund they help to influence a decentralized future and their deep understanding and insight is reflected in the articles published on their magazine-style website;
IBC has been established for over 4 and a half years, during which time they have supported over 35 startups and invested over $5million to help these projects on their way. Impressively, last year they launched IBCDAO and 4 index funds. We are proud to work alongside IBC and appreciate their continued support on our journey to the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse.
Ethereum Towers x ItsBlockchain

Linkcube Ventures

Linkcube Ventures is a part of DeFi Asia Capital (SoftBank Subsidiary). Having over 200 connected GameFi projects, over 150 connected DeFi projects and over 70 global acknowledged public chains such as Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, BSC, Ethereum, Solana, Klaytn, etc.
LinkCube (External Link)

CoinW Ventures

CoinW Ventures is a leading global venture capitalist company based in Abu Dhabi (UAE). They are a subsidiary of CoinW; a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 that operates across 120 countries with over 7 million users.
CoinW Ventures seeks to invest and work with up-and-coming Gamefi, Defi and NFT projects. They help unlock blockchain technology for projects in their infancy, providing much needed support and resources for start up companies that are entering the Web3.0 space.
Ethereum Towers x CoinW Ventures