Store & Marketplace


The Ethereum Worlds Metaverse Companion App will feature a custom-built storefront and marketplace, facilitating the purchase of rare and desirable in-world items and Collectibles (NFTs). Collectibles (NFTs) will initially focus on placeable items that can be used to decorate and furnish Apartment spaces as their primary function.
You can read more about this here:
Ethereum Worlds Marketplace (Demo)

Ethereum Worlds Vault

The Ethereum Worlds Vault is a unique mechanic being introduced into the trading ecosystem. Each Vault will be filled with a selection of rare Collectible NFTs that can only initially be obtained via this mechanic.
The Vault will operate on a global fixed supply of unlockable transactions in order to maintain fairness. This means that as each Vault is unlocked, it will continually reduce the number of remaining Vaults. Once a user has unlocked a Vault, they will be required to wait a fixed period of time until they're able to unlock another one.
PLEASE READ: The vault mechanic will only be available to holders in compliance with local regulations and guidelines set forth by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All holders must adhere to applicable laws and SEC regulations governing the above activities.
NOTE: More details will be shared as we get closer to release.
Ethereum Worlds Vault Experience (Demo)