In-World Environment

Attention To Detail

From the very beginning of the project we have envisioned Ethereum Towers and Ethereum Worlds as a luxurious, almost utopian environment. We wanted to create a world that people would want to visit and socialize in, that was different from their real-world surroundings, but still recognizable from an aesthetic and physics standpoint. All elements of the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse will be curated to a high standard to maintain the immersive nature of our Metaverse. Here is an overview of what to expect when visiting Ethereum Worlds.

Interpreted Realism

The Towers are set in a conceptual reality that is the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse - a place that resembles a somewhat familiar landscape but in an almost utopian setting. There will be many parallels drawn between the features within the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem and the real world, such as the structures, natural environment, Apartments, and more.
Sky Garden Render | Not In-World Footage
However, the design of the Towers and the surrounding external elements will reflect subtle, futuristic characteristics that set it apart from the real world. The environment will be immersive, aspirational, and luxurious. Every detail has been considered, from the rippling water, to the clouds in the sky. We believe that a realistic environment and the beauty of its surroundings will add to a user's experience and enable them to easily transition between VR and reality.
"The technology will be so good; it will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not, in some sense, been tailored for them.”
- Eric Schmidt, Google, Chairman