Use Case Examples

Real-World Function

We are frequently asked what Ethereum Worlds can be used for, and while our response of "almost anything within legal boundaries" may seem flippant, we see people being able to carry out most real-world functions within the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse, provided they comply with local regulations. To illustrate this we have created a list of use case examples that can feed your imagination as well as show the vastness of the vision we are creating.

Example Usages

The Apartment Creator Tool engine will enable a range of use cases. Here are some examples of how an Apartment space may be used:
Use Case Examples

Real-World Space

Design, build, and furnish a virtual version of your home or perhaps a place that you have fond memories of. Choose from our extensive catalog of fixtures and fittings to create the perfect representation of a real-world location. Invite friends, try out different décor, or simply just relax in your digital home-away-from-home.
Art Gallery
Have you ever wanted to host your own art exhibition? Well now you can by using minimalist design and sparse colors in your Apartment to create a gallery to showcase your NFTs, or your own digital creations. The best part is that it is totally your decision whether to keep it private or showcase your collection and talent with the world.
Public Events Space
Use your Apartment as a place to host events. Whether that be as a hang out, or as a place for performances, we've built the tools and accessories to create a perfect entertainment venue. Invite friends, family, and members of the community as a whole to attend concerts, plays, or other performances.

Meetings Space

Reduce business overhead by using your Apartment as a business office or meeting room. Furnish your space using our supply of office-styled accessories. And by using our Club feature, you may invite selected colleagues and customers from around the world to simulate an in-person meeting in your digital office space.

Zen Garden

Escape the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in your very own Zen garden. Use our regional decorations, like our zen sand ornament, and then add in soothing music to create the perfect environment for relaxation and meditation. Regardless of your real-world surroundings, a peaceful sanctuary is just a VR headset away.

Curio Museum

Collect and curate your own display of rare and unusual items. Place unusual ornaments and Ethereum Worlds Collectibles (NFTs) to stimulate conversation and showcase your distinctive tastes. Arrange peculiar and enchanting objects in captivating arrangements to delight in your personal amusement.... possibly sharing with others from around the world.

Podcast Studio

Unleash your inner podcaster with our Podcast Studio bundle. Find everything you need to deck your apartment out as a recording studio including items such as a desk, spotlights, and microphone. Perfect for interviewing and broadcasting your voice across all social media channels.