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Curated Communal Space

Multipurpose Space

Communal spaces are a very important part of our community-focused approach; they facilitate genuine interactions, giving this beautifully-designed architecture a beating heart that's powered by the community. No matter how beautifully designed the Towers are though, the true measure of success is calculated by how much it facilitates a sense of togetherness and belonging. The communal spaces will be designed exactly for this purpose; to bring people together to socialize, entertain, and enjoy each other's company.
Concept video highlighting the communal and retail spaces

Connected Social & Educational Experiences

We're a platform that focuses on social interactivity of all kinds; not only entertainment, but also corporate and educational activities as well. A platform that can give the average user and community member an opportunity to craft their own Metaverse identity.
Featured on the exterior of the Apartments are large, connected atriums that lend themselves to connected social experiences, and the bringing together of different communities and groups. At the base of the Towers, users will also be able to explore a variety of communal areas and interact with others in exciting and entertaining ways. These areas are planned to be (but are not limited to):
  • Amenity Areas - Internal/external spaces that can be traversed, enjoyed, and interacted with.
  • Atrium Areas - High-traffic areas that surround the base of the elevators on each floor.
  • Branded Areas - Exclusive spaces geared toward organizations and communities.
  • Sky Gardens - Nature-inspired areas positioned on opposing corners of each floor (1-99).
Concept Image Highlighting the Sky Garden

Commercial Goods & Services

In addition to the functionality geared toward Apartment owners, our goal is to provide dedicated spaces for commercial goods and services throughout the base of the Ethereum Towers. From Shopping Districts to Consumer Services, our aim is to have well-defined areas located throughout the first six floors of the Towers.
Concept Image Highlighting the Communal and Retail Spaces
ATTENTION: These areas will not be available on MVP launch, instead these mechanics will be explored throughout the remainder of the year.