Multichain Approach

Multichain Strategy

The Ethereum Worlds ecosystem will utilize a multichain approach for its native utility token; $TWR. Adopting this approach creates more opportunity and less friction for everyone inside the ecosystem.
The tokens will initially exist on two different blockchains - Ethereum and Polygon. Each blockchain has unique utility and serves distinct purposes.
E.g. Leveraging Polygon's scaling mechanisms will enable users to buy and trade in-world Collectibles at a much lower network cost, without sacrificing security since Polygon operates as a layer 2 scaling solution.
This multichain strategy prioritizes the user experience within the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem. While each solution has its advantages, Polygon and Ethereum work together to create green, scalable, and inexpensive transactions.

$TWR Balance

A user's $TWR balance across both tokens will be displayed on the Metaverse Companion App without having to switch networks in their Web3 wallet.
The official Polygon swapping platform allows holders of $TWR to swap all or a portion to and from either chain at any time. This will be simple to navigate using the Token Management section of the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse Companion App.
$TWR Balance Ethereum & Polygon on Companion App Header | Placeholder Data Only

Chain-Specific Utility

The table below outlines the proposed chain-specific utility on Ethereum and Polygon within the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem.
Community Governance
Store for Collectibles (NFTs)
Exclusive Staking Pools
Unlock Vault for Collectibles (NFTs)
Providing DEX Liquidity
Peer-to-Peer Marketplace for Collectibles (NFTs)
Purchase Discounted Apartments (NFT)
Create & Manage In-World Clubs
Apartment Rental System
Apartment Hosting System
ATTENTION: Some mechanics in this list will not be available on MVP launch, instead introduced in 2023 & beyond in accordance to the roadmap.