Digital Collectibles (NFTs)

Tokenized Collectibles

The Ethereum Worlds Metaverse will feature a variety of Collectibles. Collectibles are rare or unusual items that are scarce in supply and that are also tokenized as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. These tokenized Collectibles can be traded and also used to decorate your unique apartment space.
Meditation Sand
Helps to awaken you to your limitless potential.
Lotus Flower
A symbol for purity, grace, and beauty.
Striped Tiger Rug
Rivaled only by the lion in strength and ferocity.

Showcasing Your Collectibles

A Collectible item will be an additional way to show off a unique apartment space, showcasing to visitors the items that they have procured and chosen to display. Collectibles will initially be purely aesthetic; however, we are hard at work exploring various options with the intention of enhancing the future utility of some or all Collectibles.
Every Collectible NFT, whether representing a singular item or a bundle of items, will have an associated tier which can be reflective of their scarcity and design. These tiers are:
  • Uncommon
  • Exclusive
  • Unique
  • Artifact (rarest of all collectibles)
Actual In-World Collectibles NFTs (Tokenized on Polygon)
There will be various ways to obtain these Collectibles, with some only being available for a limited-time or receivable as part of a community event or competition, adding to their exclusivity.
All Collectibles will be tradable within the Ethereum Worlds Marketplace, exclusively using the $TWR utility token. Learn more about the Marketplace and the Metaverse Companion App below.

Standard Items vs Collectible NFTs

In addition to the Collectible NFTs highlighted above, Ethereum Towers will offer hundreds of free standard catalog items for use in apartment design, giving creators thousands of unique and custom design options.
To ensure each apartment space is exclusive and one-of-a-kind, we will continually expand the catalog of free and Collectible items, continually providing users with a fresh palette of design choices. Standard items differ from Collectible NFTs in following ways:
Standard Items
Collectible NFTs
Free For Apartment Owners
Yes (Polygon)