Token Management

Token Management

We have developed our tokenomics in collaboration with various token experts and external advisors to guarantee the smoothest possible operation of the Ethereum Worlds economy. The tokenomics have been developed to ensure use of the native utility token to make in-world purchases, host events, token conversion, and much more... all of which will add value and stability to the token ecosystem.

Token Swapping (Ethereum & Polygon)

The Ethereum Worlds Metaverse Companion App will feature a token management platform that will have a direct link to the official Polygon token swapping application, allowing token ($TWR) holders to bridge their tokens from Ethereum to Polygon, or vice versa.

Token Trading

The token management platform will offer users various ways to obtain and trade the native utility token ($TWR).

Token Staking Pools

The token management platform will also allow users to access the limited staking pools, offering them an opportunity to stake their tokens ($TWR) and receive rewards, including Collectible (NFTs), if eligible.