Event Hosting

Apartment Event Hosting

Ethereum Worlds will work to give Apartment owners in Ethereum Towers the tools they need to host events in their own Apartments. These events would be managed solely by the Apartment owner and the event would be denoted as public or private.
NOTE: Public events would be visible to the wider community.
The event host will have the option to create either a free or premium experience. If the host chooses the premium option, they will be able to charge attendees an entry fee. There will be certain mechanics in place to ensure a positive in-world experience:
  • Limiting the number of events a resident can host
  • Limiting the number of events that can run concurrently
  • Moderating the event type
As these events will be hosted within Ethereum Towers, the Ethereum Worlds team will look to create the ability for residents to charge the entry fee in the native $TWR token.
ATTENTION: This mechanic will not be available on MVP launch, instead this mechanic will be explored and built out in 2023 assuming positive governance decision.