Reward Multipliers

Reward Mechanics

Outside of the inherent utility of owning and accessing a fully-customizable virtual Apartment space, there will be various reward mechanics inside the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem.
The main reward mechanics will be exclusively available to Ethereum Towers Apartment NFT owners. This additional dynamic helps fuel a peer-to-peer economy by providing Apartment NFT owners the ability to receive utility tokens ($TWR) to enhance their overall experience. These tokens can be used to obtain and trade scarce Collectibles (NFTs), participate in governance, and much more.

Global Base Reward

The rewards system operates on a global base reward, which is the same for everyone participating. The base reward is a set value in $TWR that is applied equally to each eligible reward activity.
This value is adjustable and may change according to internal and external economic factors, as well as future governance decisions.
Base Reward & Claimable Amount (NFT Staking) | Example Data Only

Apartment Reward Multipliers

Reward activities that directly involve Apartment NFTs utilize a reward multiplier system, which applies supplemental floor and luxury multipliers to any base rewards earned.
These multipliers are determined by the type and quantity of Apartment(s) held by owners (i.e. floor and Apartment type). Each supplemental floor and luxury multiplier is applied and added to the base reward separately. See token reward examples detailed below.
Floor Breakdown
Floor Multiplier
Luxury Multiplier Bonus
Floor #1
Floor #2 - #5
Floor #6 - #9
Floor #10 - #19
Floor #20 - #39
Floor #40 - #59
Floor #60 - #79
Floor #80 - #99
Floor #100 & #101
These multipliers will be applied to any reward generating activity within the Ethereum Worlds ecosystem, which is directly linked with the Apartment NFTs.
Currently, there are two planned reward activities that match this criteria. The Apartment NFT staking, and the future Engage-to-Earn (E2E) mechanic. Read more about these mechanics below:

Token Reward Examples

Base Reward: 40 $TWR Earning Formula: (Base Reward x Floor Multiplier) + (Base Reward x Luxury Multiplier)
Apartment Owner A
Standard Apt Floor #42
Base Reward = 40 $TWR Floor Multiplier = 2x Luxury Multiplier = n/a 80 $TWR
Apartment Owner B
Luxury Apt Floor #11
Base Reward = 40 $TWR Floor Multiplier = 3x Luxury Multiplier = 4x 280 $TWR
Apartment Owner C
Penthouse Floor #101
Base Reward = 40 $TWR Floor Multiplier = 30x Luxury Multiplier = n/a 1,200 $TWR