Staking & Renting

Limited Staking Pools

The Ethereum Worlds ecosystem will feature limited $TWR staking pools, open to everyone, regardless of Apartment ownership status. These limited cap staking pools will be accessible through the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse Companion App via a custom platform.
Staking pools will also have additional ecosystem incentives, making them a potentially attractive mechanic with a low-barrier to entry for users wanting to stake their Apartment(s).

Apartment NFT Staking

In addition to the limited staking pools mentioned above, Ethereum Towers Apartment NFT holders will be able to stake their Apartment NFTs via the Metaverse Companion App, and are rewarded with a predetermined quantity of native utility tokens for each day they stake. Rewards will be calculated based on the reward multipliers of their staked Apartment(s).
This mechanic will be handled exclusively via the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse Companion App, in one easy to use dashboard. Read more in the section below:
Learn more: Apartment Staking

Apartment Renting

As part of a future mechanic, Ethereum Towers will look to implement an Apartment rental system that will make it possible for residents to rent out their Apartments, while also providing visitors with an opportunity to be a part of the ecosystem.
This rental system will provide a lower barrier to entry for non-residents enabling them to participate in the environment as if they were an Apartment owner. It also provides a potential economic opportunity for those residents that cannot spend much time 'in-world'.
There will be a number of mechanics put in place to ensure that the wider in-world experience is not negatively impacted by this. These mechanics could be, but are not limited to:
  • Limiting the number of rentable Apartments
  • Limiting non-resident actions in a rented Apartment (e.g. disabling 'build' mode)
  • Ensuring Apartments can't be listed or sold while rented out to another user
The Apartment renting mechanic will not be available on MVP launch, instead introduced shortly after assuming a positive governance decision.